Eat Less.

The diet advice I was given over the years varied widely.


It started with less salt and no sugar. It took a turn toward no carbs, no salt, no sugar. It made a pit stop at eat enough to sustain a 6 mile run. And it always got down to a simple point: Eat less.


My biggest issue with food is that I won’t stop eating until whatever is in front of me is gone. Last year I lost 15 pounds after the only lifestyle change I made was stopping eating when I was full.


So when I say “eat less,” I’m talking about portion control. I have to stop eating when I feel full. I set my fork down between bites and finish chewing before picking it up again, this gives my stomach time to realize what’s happening and I don’t overeat.


My day of food that’s as easy for me as it is for everyone looks like this:


Breakfast: Either 2 eggs scrambled or a protein smoothie (fruit, yogurt, protein powder, milk, peanut butter.)


Lunch: Turkey sandwich on wheat bread with mustard and lettuce, or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on wheat bread, or a simple salad.


Snack: A few nuts or an apple or a smoothie of milk, banana and peanut butter.


Dinner: A chicken breast and veggies or a salad, depending on my lunch.


I’m particular about what I eat, I don’t like sushi or too many exotic foods, I like to keep it simple and easily accessible for the times I’m starving when I would typically slip up.


A slice of pizza for lunch or dinner substituted won’t ruin my day. I drink a few beers a week and love red wine. It’s easy for me to do this without feeling guilty when I stick to my outline.


With this, I’ll do 30 minutes on the elliptical machine without slowing down. Then I’ll do a quick page of Kayla Itsines BBG book, or play basketball, or kickbox and I always end my workout with one last mile at the best pace I can muster on the elliptical.


I don’t make it every day, and that’s something I want to improve at. I try improve a little bit every day.







Life Is My College

How I want my life to go and how I want my children’s life to go is this:


Wake up early every morning. Let’s start with 9 and increase it by 15 minutes until we hit 5.


Let’s work out for two hours every morning. We can do one hour of circuit training and one hour of Muay Thai kickboxing. We can play basketball or tennis and finish up with an 8 minute mile. We can try barre class, SoulCycle, ballet, yoga.

Then let’s go home and read books about things that interest us. Let’s play “CashFlow” and learn about income statements. I’ll teach you how to balance a checkbook and how to do your taxes. We can read about history and pick out a few places a year to see – we won’t be US citizens, we’ll be citizens of the world, we’ll see as much of it as possible. And we’ll come back and see our country differently, see our government differently. Let’s write screenplays and draw for an hour straight. Then we’ll practice languages, because we’ll want to know as many as we can.

After that, we’ll talk about diet. We eat only for energy. Green apples give you energy, pasta makes you sleepy. We won’t have time to be sleepy. Let’s learn about the foods that will keep us the most alert all day. The superfoods that will keep us sharp and on our toes. We’ll make new açaí smoothies and grill up different kinds of chicken. I want you to be healthy so you can keep up with me.


After that we’ll sit in front of the tv with a coloring book while you watch a film or two. It can be about anything! We’ll watch Great Gatsby and Titanic, we’ll of course watch my favorite film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and leave room for Suicide Squad and Batman. We’ll watch films that interest us and feed our souls. We’ll watch films that make us cry, films that each us new things and lots of things that will make us laugh.

At the end of the night we’ll write in our journals. Maybe about nothing. As long as you do it. It might set the tone for tomorrow’s inspiration. Our life will be centered around inspiration.

Throughout your life, you’ll take classes about anything you want. You’ll meet all kinds of people along the way. They can be math classes, languages, dance, health. You’ll jump into all things and pick out which you like. The journey up until you’ve reached the end goal: Fulfillment.


That’s my dream for you. To find your own path to fulfillment.


At 18 years old I knew nothing about résumés or how to apply for college, I didn’t know anything about finance or basic fundamentals of fixing everyday things. I wish I had, it would’ve gone a long way. I haven’t found a use yet for graphing a polynomial function.




I’m Fat, Here’s Why

I’m fat because people tell me that I’m fat. 

My hips are 38 inches around, and that was too big for my agency, too big for my industry. 

I’m fat because my sister tells me I’m fat and because my thighs touch each other when I walk. 

I’m fat and the only reason I think I’m fat is because that’s what some people tell me. 

Here’s me at 17, I was fat because my stomach showed this little lump after I ate and it never went away until the next morning. 

At 19 I was fat because I lived in New York City but I didn’t have a place to live. So when I got hired at an Italian restaurant, my free meal during my shift was the only meal I could afford to eat. The more shifts I picked up, the more meals I was promised. 

It was winter, I ate pasta. 

At 20 I looked good because I worked out once every day and threw up twice every day. I liked putting my swimsuit on. I didn’t like how obsessed I was with the mirror and the way I looked at all times. 

It took away from my quality of life. 
I’m 21 now and I run 3 miles every time I need to clear my head. I think I look cute in photos, even the ones when I’m looking down and have an accidental double chin. I think I’m pretty. I think that my attitude makes me even prettier. 

I’m the kind of person I’d like to have as a friend and I think that’s pretty too. 

But I’m fat. So I’m a lesser human. 

I’m fat so my revelations mean less. The wisdom I have to offer would cost less at the supermarket. My kindness towards others doesn’t mean as much and my successes don’t matter when compared accordingly. 

When I was young I loved my thighs. In almost all of my modeling photos I’m hiking my dress up so you can see them. I hate them now and they never show in my Instagrams. That’s because my sister poked them once and frowned at me when I was changing clothes at a shoot. I never forgave them.  

I hate my hip because a photographer photoshopped it in front of me once. He outlined it with his mouse and dragged it in. I see his face when I look in the mirror topless. He was ugly and my hip is too. 
I’m fat because people tell me that I am. 

For the last 5 years, people have experimented with new, exciting ways to tell me that I’m fat. It hurts my heart because it’s the one thing I can’t change about myself instantaneously. 

I have to walk around like this all day, conscious of the fact that people think I’m fat. Even if I actively ignore it, my subconscious won’t let it go.

My happiness turns to embarrassment and I feel ashamed. Every comment hits me like a point blank bullet to the chest. It wells up in my eyes and takes the breath out of my lungs. 

My friends with 34 inch hips and 25 inch waists cringe at me when I say I used to model. I’m their worst nightmare because I’m fat now. My 34 inch hip and 25 inch waist are hidden under layers of my failures. 

I have to wear these layers shamefully otherwise I’m promoting a negative body image. 

And when I’m 70 years old and have done extravagant things with my enormous life, I’ll devote my final years to wishing I wouldn’t have missed time at the beach, or meals I skipped, or days I spent stuck in bed hungry and tired. 

People love to tell you things about yourself. 

People tell me I’m fat. 

Don’t stop living, and feeling and being excited with things like beaches and food. 
If you let someone take this away from you, you are wrong and you are dead. 

Your life is more enormous than you could ever be. 


Fashion Week Must-Haves from an Ex-Model turned Blogger

Yesterday was the one month mark until fashion week kicks off in New York City and all at once I received my first slew of press passes along with my new Alles bag.


It’s 500 balls outside in NYC and I’m sipping an ice water with my puppy on my lap inspecting my new bag. Here are some of my fashion week essentials:


Anywhere I go I always take along my favorite “investment pieces.” The staples in my closet that never fail me when I’m in a bind.

My Chanel combat boots have taken me from business meetings to running errands and even to the club in London that required girls to be in heels.


My Stuart Weitzman “nearly nude” black leather heels. The thin straps on these are so versatile I can easily dress them down with shorts and a tee or pop them on when I need to dress up.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 1.54.09 PM.png

My black Saint Laurent irregular pleat skirt that goes with literally everything has gotten me through several dates, countless meetings, various events and lessened the amount of times I’ve been left crying and screaming into my closet at the void of things to wear by 98%.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 1.59.11 PMIMG_4317


My Men’s Tuxedo Blazer from The Kooples. This fits over sweaters, slouchy tees, and long sleeves. I love the look of an expensive slouchy blazer over a bulky band tee. Men’s sizes create the perfect look for me.



When I have it, I like spending money on one or two really nice things every season. It only takes one nice piece to create really well-curated looks.

Here’s a few examples:

I’ll pair my blazer with black skinny jeans and a cheap Zara sweatshirt, throw on some Converse and call it a day.


Same with my YSL skirt:



Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 3.11.56 PM

The bags I’m obsessing over right now are perfect for every model and fashionista that finds themselves switching shoes between castings, the gym and events. Top model, Steffie Price, filled the void in all of our lives with her handbag line, Alles.


Convertible handbag/backpack with detachable bottom that is designed to fit 1-2 pairs of size 10 heels.



This is the Bianca bag. A Godsend that’s 100% vegan leather and priced wildly reasonably at $169.

My other favorite styles (all designed to fit portfolios/ tablets/ 15 inch laptops and a pair of heels) are here:

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 11.24.40 AM
The Heather, $119

The Annika, my personal favorite, $129.


You can get your own Alles bag created For Models By Models here, use code LYM for 25% off, just in time for fashion week!


Stay tuned for more posts about what I’m taking with me through 3 weeks of European fashion weeks and follow Steffie on Instagram: @steffieprice, @allesbags.












Call My Mom: Here’s 4 Expert Ways To Make Sure Your Passions Are Never Realized

  1. When opportunities arise, decline them.
  2. Don’t deviate from your plans.
  3. Adventure is the enemy of progress.
  4. Die young.


Declining Opportunities

One time my friend asked if I wanted to go with her to Miami to visit a few of her friends. I politely responded, “No thank you.” 

After a few days, she convinced me to go and I met my boyfriend there.

Had I declined the opportunity, I would’ve been able to avoid falling in love with a great person.

Decline more opportunities to avoid discovering one of your passions.


Don’t Deviate from Your Plans

I was going to become an accountant. I had 2 years of school mapped out on a green sheet of paper with collegiate hieroglyphics next to each class. “HU,” AP,” “FA,” “SS.”

Accounting school gave me anxiety. I coped with it by making lists.


But then my list gave me anxiety and I couldn’t bear to look at it every day knowing it wasn’t going to happen if I followed the path I was on.

So I packed my bag and I moved to New York City that fall and from the time I was 18 I’ve been crossing things off this list.

Had I stayed my course in school, I could’ve avoided realizing my passions.


Adventure Is the Enemy of Progress

Last fall a friend of mine called and invited me to Paris Fashion Week with her. She told me her photographer bailed and she needed someone last minute to step up and come. I hadn’t been out of the country ever before and I needed to go into work for two hours the next day, so I said no to the adventure for a chance to… further my career?

Thank God I stayed home because guess how much work I got done in that two hours?

A bit!

Less adventure = less chance of stumbling onto your passions = prosperity.


Die Young

Die young.


To stay or become average, you must lower your standards. You must settle for less.








What They Forgot to Tell Me At 16

“The best way to give your children advice is to find out what they want and advise them to do it.” Harry S. Truman

I wish that when I was 16 years old, someone would’ve advised me to move to New York City, wear black and be single. But nobody ever did that.

The best advice I ever got was simple, Marlon told me: “Focus.”

I’m susceptible to following multiple paths at once, which takes away from my focus on each one. The word “focus” reminds me to take a step back each day, figure out what’s most important and dedicate myself to it. Even if I can only give 10 minutes of dedication.

This has translated across every aspect of my life; from my schoolwork, to my relationships.

“Focus” reminds me to not lose any sense of who I am in my relationships. I’m focused on myself and my boyfriend is additional positive energy into my life.


The best relationship advice I ever got was from my dad, who didn’t know he was giving it.

I used to ask my dad about my mom and he’d tell me something like, “I don’t know Abie, I just love her. I know all of her dreams and why she is the way that she is and I just love her. She’s the prettiest, cutest little mom and I just love her.” 

Every morning growing up I would sit in the living room with my dad and drink coffee until my mom and sister woke up. When my mom would round the corner my dad would say,

“There she is!! Pretty Mommy. Abie, look how pretty Mom is when she wakes up.”

My dad cooks, cleans, shovels, does the laundry, has snacks and dinner waiting for us, tucks us in at night, waited around at photoshoots, drove us everywhere we needed to go. He’d fight fires all night and come home exhausted to see us standing in the doorway wearing running shoes and ignore his heavy eyelids to change and come out for a run with us.

This was what he inadvertently taught me to look for in a guy. The advice he inadvertently gave me was this: throughout my 21 years, he repeated the same phrase over a million times whenever I was struggling.

Stay cool.” 

Two syllables. That simple.

The last time I was home my family and I ended up in a series of disagreements that left me crying in my room, sobbing into my pillow. After 15 minutes, my dad knocked on my door and came in. He sat on the bed and gave me a dad-sized hug and kiss on the cheek. He told me he loved me and choked up as he said it again, “Just stay cool.” 

I rolled my eyes and went back to my pillow. That’s when I finally heard the story behind the phrase that dictates which way my life will go.

When I was your age I was just like you. A little peacemaker, just like you. And one time when I was really upset, crying in my room, my grandpa [his favorite person in the world] came in, put his hand on my shoulder, and said ‘Stay cool.’ It’s resonated with me ever since.”

So when my first boyfriend in New York cheated on me and my world imploded and my heart shattered and I couldn’t breathe, I stayed cool. (I had one day of losing it, but come on, it really surprised me!) I took 24 hours to be childish and then I stayed cool. I continued to speak highly of him among our mutual friends, I told him I’d always love him and that he’d always be my friend. He is.

When my second boyfriend in New York started dating my sister and my heart was literally ripped from chest and thrown at the moon and then crashed down to Earth and dashed into a million little pieces in front of me. I stayed cool and he is also still my friend.

~ But Abie!! This isn’t relationship advice!! It didn’t help your relationship last!! ~

That’s true. It didn’t. But it taught me what I don’t want. Which helped my future relationships.

In all my past relationships, I was almost constantly tapped-out. I’m in my own head about everything I want to do with my life still and I don’t have time to be worrying about who my boyfriend’s hanging out with or talking to. We have to have separate lives and be able to be each other’s backboard to bounce ideas and problems off.

My ex used to ask about boys who texted me. This annoyed me because it kept getting in the way of our breakfast.

Hey!” I’d say through a mouthful of scrambled eggs. “Let’s try not to control each other or be each other’s parent!” 

Some people can’t handle that level of freedom in a relationship. That’s not my fault, so I moved on. I stayed cool. I focused on what I wanted my life to be, what I wanted our life to be.


You have to remember that we don’t last with the people who we see as “perfect,” we last with people who interest us. I like people with dry humor, twisted minds, and inspired lives.

I like people who can teach me things without being condescending, maneuver parties I bring them to on their own, and have their own lives that they choose to share with me.

I like relaxed people, spontaneous people. And also people that can make me smile.

So I focus on staying cool and maybe they’re out there somewhere right now doing the same.


I wish someone had told me to move to New York City, wear all black and be single. But they didn’t. They only told me to stay cool.

And it was the best advice I ever got.




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Call My Mom: I’m Going to Fashion Week

Ever since I was little I have had these intense sporadic moments where my brain feels like it’s going to fall into my chest, my heart feels like it’s in my throat and my stomach feels empty. It hits me hard in an instant and then lasts all day, sometimes it feels like my heart was injected with 5000mg of caffeine. It makes my hands shake. It forces me to vomit. It wakes me up on the bathroom floor at 3am.

“If I don’t do something, people will forget about me.”

It’s anxiety.

I hate it.

My parents and teachers would tell me to stop living my life for other people, stop caring about what other people thought. But that wasn’t it, because I don’t care what people think. I get asked fifty times a day about why I’m not in school anymore, or why I left school, or why I foolishly moved away from everything I had going for me. If I cared what people thought, I’d be living my life the way they think I should; finishing up my degree and sifting through job offers for after graduation. I wouldn’t have to defend my life anymore.

Instead, I unapologetically write about my life on the internet and I hope to God I can leave a mark on your life. Otherwise you’ll forget about me.

Instead, I willingly go to war for my life. I shoot back at these questions with answers like “I get to wake up every single morning of my life and exclusively do things I love and believe in.” Or “My daily routine is wake up, be happy.” Or “At 22 years old I’ll have 11 years of experience and networking in the fashion industry.”

My life has been one of living so many of my hopes and dreams before I was legally able to drink. At 19 I was at my first fashion week show with a press pass. At 20 I had to set new goals, and at 21 I’ll be at all 4 fashion weeks for the first time.

My 11 year old sister asked me last week for fashion blog advice. I helped her create something that leaves her smiling at her computer every morning and every night. When I’m up all night sending fashion week emails, she’s up reviewing new collections. We lose track of which day it is because we’re consumed by the good in our lives.

I have 200 dollars less than having 0 dollars in my bank account. I don’t let money run my life. It took me a long time to forgive the fact that life will cost money and it’s okay to spend some. I have a job that doesn’t feel like work. It feels like something I love to do on the side. And as much as it must annoy my boss when I forget to invoice her for weeks, I think it says a lot about my feelings toward work when I genuinely forget that I get paid to do it.

That’s what I hope for your life. I hope your Mondays are just as exciting as your Fridays and that you can hardly tell the difference. I hope you don’t let the idea of money consume your thoughts. I hope your work brings you as much joy as your hobbies.

I was just like you once. And now I’m just like me.

If I hadn’t done something, people would have forgotten about me.



*Check out my little sister’s new fashion blog:*

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How To Be Unhappy & Other Ways To Ruin Your Own Life

I hope that you are not like me in some ways. I hope that you can see me living my life in some ways that you consciously decide not to emulate. I hope that you can learn from my life and my mistakes. Specifically, I hope that you don’t chase after people who hurt you.


I hope you don’t make every decision while subconsciously seeking approval from people who will never be down to give it.


I hope you don’t keep negative energy around you because of a vague word like “family,” or “blood siblings.” I hope you are selective when you choose your friends. I hope you treat everyone in your life as though they’re a friend, someone you choose to spend time with.


I spent a long time chasing after people who hurt me and it was exhausting. I spent years allowing myself to get the shit beaten out of me, emotionally.


If our own blood siblings can neglect us so easily, it doesn’t leave us much hope for friends or other people to stand by us in life.


Almost everyone I’ve ever helped or let in ended up leaving me when things started changing or becoming obtainable. I always thought to myself: it’s cool, it’s life. And would still help them any way I could.


That taught me an important lesson. People are always going to pretend like you’re a bad person so they don’t have to feel guilty about the things they did to you.


It’s cool, it’s life. But I don’t keep people close to me that I don’t trust.


People will tell on themselves without realizing it if you listen closely. When people show you who they are, believe them.


There are lots of good people out there, I know many of them. It’s how I survive thrive every day. All you can do when people are assholes, is continuously add good energy into your life. Additional good friendships. Tell yourself you’ve added as many as you could.








How I Change My Life In 10 Minute Intervals

A thing I’m always reminding myself to stop doing is drunkenly purchasing airfare. For someone who keeps my bank account balance right around $100 on any given day, this seems ridiculous to a lot of people. However, it’s not the first time I’ve done something someone would consider ridiculous and it certainly will not be the last.


I’m just a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of girl. I’m sure I’ve always been this way. I can’t tell you how many Spanish presentations I gave in college while staring at blank note cards pretending to be reading off them. I can’t count how many times I was able to talk my way into moving around the dates of my final exams. And on more than one occasion I’ve boarded airplanes with my belt in my mouth and my shoes in my hand as the doors were closing and somehow ended up sitting in a better seat.


Modeling amplified this quality about myself 10 times over.


During middle school I missed more than 50 days of school, my parents allowed it because I was a straight A student. When the National Honor Society conducted interviews with their prospective members (those who reached a GPA of 3.5 and higher while having missed no more than 5 days of school) I was grilled about my attendance sheet and why it had more colors than a bag of Skittles. I was forced to tell them I was a model and had been out of the school working. They allowed me in.


I was leaving my home at 5am to make it to Milwaukee by 7am, I’d sit in hair and makeup for awhile and try to complete my homework in between looks. By 1 I’d finish and be back to school before the end of the day to turn in everything I was supposed to.


As a freshman in high school I was ALWAYS sitting in my English class when it happened. I’d get a text from my agent


“NYC tomorrow? 11am?”


Then my dad.


“Be outside in 15 minutes.”


It was exhilarating. Every trip with my dad in the car or on the plane we’d be laughing and talking and I was thrilled about my double life.


My days were planned in 15 minute intervals. I’d run around to 10 castings in a day just to finish up my day with a test shoot. I’d work all day the next day and spend another day with my agency shopping for tighter clothes or higher shoes. I had cameras in my face at all times, in the morning at the agency, on the street, at the casting, and of course at every shoot. Then I’d get back to school and immerse myself in the plays and dances and teams.


Eventually, and I’ll explain further in another post, I slowly had to start backing out of the plays because I was missing too many practices, I stopped being a student council officer because I didn’t have the time to plan things, and I quit volleyball, basketball and tennis because my constantly swollen ankles did not photograph that beautifully and killed me to shove into heels.


Unlike a lot of  models, I got to go at it by leading a double life, rather than calling modeling my career and going at it full speed ahead. It was something to me that I was naturally good at and the industry has always been my home. The blessing and curse of approaching it that way gave me this eternal feeling that won’t allow me to do the same thing for too many days in a row.


When I’m in NYC I’m sick of NYC and want to travel, when I travel I can’t wait to get back to NYC. It’s hard for me to have a non-industry job because I get bored very easily working jobs that I’m replaceable at. If I call in sick, they have 50 other people that can do on my job on the side of their own.


It’s hard for me to stay in one place for too long. It’s hard for me to stay in school full time because it doesn’t hold my attention. I was more interested with my teachers than the material they had to teach me. I wanted to know why people were the way that they were. Why they wore what they wore. Where there were from, what languages they speak.


Fashion gave me this outlet and shoved me towards new interests, then it taught me everything I needed to know. Fashion praises the way I live my life and my individuality; it tells me it’s okay if I never fit in anywhere else, it’s the one place I’ll never have to conform. Fashion doesn’t sleep. It sends us out the door at 5 in the morning with $5 in our bank account and $2,000 shoes on our feet. Fashion makes me get on the plane with 6 hours notice. Fashion laughs at me when I try to plan ahead.



That’s my life and it’s probably different than your life. That’s okay. It took me 15 years to figure out what I wanted to do. It took me 10 years of doing it to confirm it was what I wanted to do. It took me 7 years to build up a unique skill and specific knowledge that would make me invaluable and irreplaceable to my niche. It took a lot of sleepless nights and a lot of missed flights, a lot of arguments, lost friendships and a lot of messing up to get it right.


You’ll get it right too.





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The 5 Things I Learned in London 

There’s only one thing better than leaving New York City… Coming back to New York City. I have no arguments against the fact that my world ends at the Hudson.

London swept me off my feet, but I’m guilty of exclaiming the sentence “I hate London,” in unison with Kelsey at least a few times throughout the week.

Us girls in New York have it pretty easy. We don’t pay for drinks, we don’t wait in lines, and rules generally don’t apply to us. I can’t say the same for London and I’m happy to be back in a place where Uber drivers don’t have the audacity to speak to me about leaving the European Union at 5 o’clock in the morning. Hashtag Brexit.

“Are you always this unfriendly?”

“Yes, I’m from New York!”

“Ohhhh, I understand. I’ve been there.”

Exit stage left.

On British Airways Flight 179 with service to John F. Kennedy Airport in Queens, New York I forced myself to stay awake for 7 hours in an effort to fight jet lag. During the time it took my eyes to go from slightly swollen and dry to completely bloodshot I started thinking about the takeaways I got from that trip. I came up with 5.

Treat Yo Self

On a 7 hour flight, invest in a window seat. There’s absolutely no financial limitations that dictate a middle seat as a necessity. You are royalty, a superior being, don’t settle for a middle seat in economy.

Girl friends

Girl friends make life tolerable, whether you’re single or not. When we avoid trying to outdo each other, we run the world. Have a lot of girlfriends. I tend to meet mine through guys we both have dated, that’s okay! They’re cooler than he was and we all have similar mannerisms and interests. Have girlfriends who think you’re awesome. My boyfriend at the time a few months ago asked my best friend about me. She told him I was awesome and he told me he never met a girl whose best friend spoke so highly of her. Have a lot of girlfriends.
Life Costs Money

Lately I’ve been having a lot of friends ask me about how I survive with such little money without stressing about it. I hate people who stress over money and I never want to be one. Growing up, my parents were an example of people who worry a lot about money, but never explained to me how it works. I became that when I moved out. I hated spending money and was conscious about every dollar. As I moved around and lost all of my worldly possessions in the meantime, this tortured me. So I changed my life and decided I wouldn’t worry anymore. The more generous I was, the more it came back to me in a million different ways. Life costs money and you have to be okay with the fact you’re going to have to spend it. So put it towards experiences, and good memories with good company.
Gratitude Reciprocates

After an Uber driver forced me to speak to him about Brexit, Donald Trump, modeling and New York City he ended up showing me photos on his phone of his family in Boston. When I usually would’ve looked away and or offered a fake laugh, I pretended I was genuinely interested and decided being overly nice would put me in a better mood. He ended up picking me up again two days later. He remembered my dog’s name and I asked about his family. That love came back to me when I needed it.

I told you I’d share 5 things, I can’t count that high so I’ll stop there because it took me all day to finish this post, I didn’t want to rush. Oh! That’s another one. Stop rushing. After planning our days in 30 minute intervals and having to run down the street to catch postponed dinner reservations, we decided we were over it. There’s absolutely no reason to rush to 15 things in one day. Relax and do things you enjoy.